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Scope Of Services
Our offer includes a broad range of services meeting expectations of the customers who are seeking professional and fully comprehensive solutions. The most important services of Techkon Warszawa are listed below. In order to see the details please click the main areas of our activities, that you are interested in.
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Being focused on customer's needs and development of long-term cooperation together with the customer. Work on each phase of a project from the idea to its realisation and further management.


Improvements of management methods, development of advanced knowledge and effective processes. Taking advantage of collective knowledge of the whole team in order to develop these types of services that have a high growth potential.


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Techkon Warszawa
Sp. z o.o.

03-450 Warszawa
ul. Ratuszowa 11

Office Gdansk
80-542 Gdansk
ul. Oliwska 85
tel/fax (58) 346 42 14


KRS 0000175494
REGON 192953521
NIP 5862114371