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Scope Of Services
Our offer includes a broad range of services meeting expectations of the customers who are seeking professional and fully comprehensive solutions. The most important services of Techkon Warszawa are listed below. In order to see the details please click the main areas of our activities, that you are interested in.
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Building of the network consists of several various services, which aim to implement and integrate telecommunication or IT systems. Techkon Warszawa, on the basis of a "turn-key" contract, using the services listed below, can integrate for our customer a network of a required quality within the planned time schedule and within the limits of estimated budget.

Project Management
Network Planning
Site acquisition
Engineering for Civil Works & Technical installation
Obtaining building permits
Construction works
Systems installation, integration and final acceptance

Proper coordination of all activities and good knowledge of local conditions enables us to deliver finished sites within the scheduled time limits with quality assured and not exceeding the planned budget.

Examples of services:

- GSM network roll-out
- Wireless access networks roll-out
- Network security system (firewalls, IDS systems) roll-out


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