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Network Solutions
Network solution service depends on mutual trust between a customer and Techkon Warszawa. Our experience and knowledge of various systems and their suppliers (ERICSSON, HARRIS, PCOM, ANDREW, CISCO) enable us to come to the optimal network solutions both for the equipment suppliers and for customers.
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Techkon Warszawa Sp. z o.o. was set up in September 2003 with the name as Tel- Prospect Sp. z o.o. It was established by former employees of Ericsson Sp. z o. o. , who had been employed from 1996 to 2003 to for the "turn key" project of building the GSM network for Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa Sp. z o.o.

During these years, within the area of 1/2 of our country, working in various departments of our former company, we designed (cell planning, transmission, construction, power supply), built and integrated hundreds of radio base stations.

Although the decisions made by our former employer left us outside Ericsson, we decided at all costs to preserve the know-how and experience capital, which was earned by our team during the years of cooperation. This team went through a number of organisational changes, and thanks to our work in an international environment we learnt to be open to different ideas and solutions.

In January 2004 next shareholders joined our team, also former Ericsson employees, who, running up till then their own companies, were providing installation and integration services for Authorised Service Partners of Ericsson in Poland (projects for PTC and Polkomtel).

New shareholders brought to our enterprise not only additional capital, but, what is even more important, great practice with the equipment of latest generation and years of experience in cooperation with field maintenance support divisions of the greatest GSM operators in Poland and abroad (Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia).

In September 2004 was crucial for the future of our company: we have gained new shareholders, doubled the capital, moved the company to Warszawa, renamed it to the Techkon Warszawa Sp. z o.o. and last but not leased we have acquqired new staff who up to that moment was afilited with former Authorised Ericsson Partner: Techkon Sp. z o.o.

The first succes of the "renovated" company was the signing up of the Frame Contract with Ericsson Sp. z o.o. (on the 15th of September 2004) That fact gave us the status Authorised Ericsson Poland Partner, what meant the beginning of new era of coooperation with our former employer.

We are aiming to be "turn key" supplier of all services required for telecomunication and IT infrastructure build up.

We want to provide wide scope of advisory and consulting services in the field of technology, organisation, ll and corporate economics also for foreign partners.

We will develop our knowledge towards expertise services in the fundraising from UE in the order to help our potential clients to find capital for their investments plans.

Our target is to became a reliable partner both for infrastructure providers and telecome operators.


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